Frenemies tells the story of the close yet conflicted relationship between the United States and Cuba from 1950-2019.

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We thank you in advance for your interest in Frenemies, a feature-length documentary film that tells the history of the conflicted relations between the United States and Cuba from 1950-2019. We are working for the reconstruction of a bridge of peace between the longest estranged yet closest of neighbors of the United States.


For over half a century, the people of Cuba and their immediate neighbors in the United States have held a place in each other’s hearts, yet have not been able to put aside their political differences creating a schism of social and financial devastation, separating families, and denying the people of both countries the right to peaceful and prosperous relations.


Frenemies has been created by an international collaboration team of award-winning filmmakers and academic leaders devoted to bringing together the neighboring countries in a conversation of mutual understanding. The film explores the underlying factors that caused the separation between these two countries, namely, the Cuban Revolution and the subsequent US Embargo on Cuba.  Known to Cubans as “el bloqueo” (the blockade), it was imposed by the US government on October 19, 1960 to suppress the economy of this small Caribbean island to the point of insurgency. It’s the longest embargo in history. Justice calls for Cuba to exercise its right to free trade and sovereignty in order to develop its economy and the life of Cubans living on the island. 


For 60 years the embargo has made travel to Cuba very difficult for U.S. citizens.  With loosened travel restrictions at the end of the Obama administration, many U.S. citizens visited Cuba for the first time. In Frenemies, we hear about their experiences there, as well as from people who have a long term relationship with the island. The film’s story is told by a diversity of voices: black and white, Latino, the old and young. They also range across the political spectrum. Some have left the U.S. and moved permanently to Cuba, while others have moved from Cuba to the United States. We also hear from Cubans born and raised on the island. In Frenemies they find common ground.


You are invited to experience the conversation between “frenemies” in this documentary film that resolves the cultural and political gap between the people of Cuba and the US. Join us in our mission; become a member of our community of sponsors. Your generous contribution cultivates Jose Martí’s “white rose” vision for Cuba imbued in the film.


Frenemies is now at the end of its editing stage and fundraising for its completion. All donations are tax-deductible through our producer’s non-profit, Long Distance Educational Media. We encourage you to choose from one of our Sponsorship Levels.  Help us spread the word by sharing Frenemies with others!  Frenemies Team is grateful for your support to finalize this documentary film!


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