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Oct 20 - 24

Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival

virtual "encore presentation” 

Oct 21 - 31

UNAFF - United Nations Association Film Festival, Stanford, CA

Nov 5 - 8

Ojai Film Festival, Ojai, CA

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SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD - Latino  Native Ame

"Frenemies is the best Cuban documentary made to date! It is not pro Cuban Government. It does give clarity to the insanity of the US embargo toward Cuba. Regardless of your politics on US/Cuba relations you will enjoy this documentary film--the music, the scenery, the actors, the citizens on the street and the story line are magnificent and factual." (Albert A. Fox, Jr.   President/Founder of Alliance for Responsible Cuba Policy Foundation)


PREMIERE - January 16 2021

Premiere, Dunedin International Film Festival, Dunedin, FL



February 1 2021
Toronto Film Channel  

April 23 to 25

Oklahoma Latino Film Festival 

April 24 to May 1

Latino & Native American Film Festival 

April 30 & May 2 2021

Sunscreen Film Festival, St. Petersburg, FL 

May 27 2021

Orlando International Film Festival, Orlando, FL

June 2021

Oregon International Film Festival, Corvalis, OR


July 21

LatinX Film Festival, Saint Louis, MO

July 24

Whistleblower Summit & Film Festival


July 28

The Most Important Films International Film Festival, Las Vegas, NV 

IMPACT AWARD - Global Politics

August 25

Sarasota-Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus, FL 

Watch the discussion on the US/Cuba relations here 

Sep 24

Social and Economic Justice Film Festival, San Francisco, CA

Oct 7

University of Tennessee - Nashville & Knoxville

Oct 8 - 17

Seattle Latino Film Festival, Seattle, WA

Oct 16

Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL

Frenemies is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the close yet conflicted relationship between the United States and Cuba from 1940-2020. How much longer can this small Caribbean island survive the longest embargo in history? Can any economy survive such an all-encompassing blockade?

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