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Films directed by Mirella Martinelli

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Films produced by Mirella Martinelli



FRENEMIES (2021)  

full-length documentary film that tells the story of the close yet conflicted relationship between the United States and Cuba from 1940-2019. Do embargos make good neighbors?  Frenemies interweaves discussion between US visitors to Cuba, Cuban Americans and Cubans living on the island, with engaging archival images, contemporary footage and music. The film offers an opportunity for audiences to learn and connect with Cuban culture. Our speaking subjects examine several aspects of Cuban life: from achievements of the Revolution, such as land reform, education, racial relations and health care, to contemporary economic and social struggles. How much longer can this country survive the longest embargo in history? Frenemies presents a compelling argument for why the U.S. embargo against Cuba should be lifted.  



feature-length documentary. Funded by The Rockefeller, McArthur and Lampadia Foundations, Main Screenings: USA, Brazil and Portugal; Theatrical distribution in Brazil; Broadcast: Brazil, France; Video-home distribution by Warner Bros.  Narrated by the islanders, this documentary film shows their lives based on the fishing cycles and marked by the lack of electricity, the tides, the winds, the sun and the moon phases. The film premiered in the opening night of the Film Arts Foundation Festival, in San Francisco, CA.    



narrative short. To be a woman. Or black. Or unemployed. To be oppressed. All the time.



Special Prize of the Jury TAMPERE SHORT FILM FESTIVAL,1994 - Finland  Special Prize of the Jury RIOCINE 1994 – Brazil, * Best Script, * Best Directing, * Best Editing   FESTIVAL DE CINEMA DE BRASILIA 1993 – Brazil;  Main Screenings: France, Canada, USA, Norway, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico    



narrative short. Running away from the sea and into the country’s economic heartland, Tietê river enters São Paulo’s metropolitan area, where rancid foam spews from its polluted waters. The film shows an alternative to this, inverting dream and reality as it follows a girl who goes to swim in Tietê river.  



TIETÊ, SAVE THE RIVER  - Film and Video  Contest -  Brazil; * IBAC Award for Theatrical

Distribution  - Brazil    



documentary short  This film documents the work of the Brazilian multimedia artists Guto Lacaz: installations, paintings and performances depict common objects used in unique and humorous ways. The works of the multimedia artist Guto Lacaz: installations, paintings and everyday objects that gain unique uses. The film tunes in with the artist’s world, portraying his humor, his graphics and his irony to technology in a 'low tech' climate.  



Best Short Film, * Kodak Award for Best Short Film * Best Short Film Popular Jury, * Best Art Direction FESTIVAL DE CINEMA DO MARANHÃO –  1991 Brazil * Best Editing,* Best Photography FESTIVAL DE CINEMA DE BRASILIA  1991 Main Screenings: USA,, Germany, Cuba, Spain, Brazil  


documentary short This documentary is part of the series “Brazilian Historical Panorama”, produced by Itau Cultural Institute and coordinated by Mirella Martinelli. She also directed this film, which interweaves Brazilian history and art of the 1950s.  



Best Short Film Popular Jury FESTIVAL DE CINEMA DO MARANHÃO 1992 – Brazil

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ENVY (1991)

experimental short Part of the 7 Deadly Sins video collection where seven prominent Brazilian filmmakers directed each of the films. Envy won the Great Prize at FESTIVAL DO MINUTO in 1991.  



documentary short. Also part of the series “Brazilian Historical Panorama”, this documentary explores art and culture of the 1980s and its relation to Brazilian history.  



Best Script - RIOCINE FESTIVAL – Brazil * Best Editing, * Best Short Film Popular Jury * Best Adapted Music Score FESTIVAL  DE CINEMA DO MARANHÃO,1989 – Brazil  


PANIC (1986)

music video  At the time this was a rare example of independent music video to promote an independent band.  



Best Music Video MINASFEST 1986 - Brazil  * Second Best Music Video in 1986 - REVISTA BIZZ - Brazil  








LAND OF THE SEA   (1997)  

feature-length documentary directed by Mirella Martinelli & Eduardo Caron


EXTINGUE!  (1994)  

narrative short directed by Eduardo Caron (1994) Awards *Best Short Film of the year - Paulista Association of Art Critics, *Best Short Film - Brasília Film Festival (Brazil 1994). Main Screenings: New Directors, New Films (MoMA,NY), Clermont-Ferrand International Film Festival (France), Tampere International Short Film Festival (Finland); broadcasted by Canal Plus Television (France, Spain)  

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ENVY   (1992)   

experimental film directed by Mirella Martinelli (1992)  

Awarded the Great Prize - FESTIVAL DO MINUTO (Brazil), 1991  


ROTA ABC  (1991)  

documentary short directed by Francisco Cesar Filho.
Awarded Best Short film at BRASILIA FILM FESTIVAL

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HIP HOP SP (1990)  

documentary short directed by Francisco Cesar Filho 


CARA PÁLIDA (1987)  

music video directed by Tide Borges 


PANIC (1986)  

music video directed by Mirella Martinelli  

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short video directed by Mirella Martinelli    



short video directed by Mirella Martinelli 

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